Vastu Remedies

We provide simple remedies on the basis of your home / office audit reports. These services are supported by a team of experienced and successful Professional Vastu Consultants.

Kuber : Makes you Rich and Wealthy

Attracts more money and richness in your life by placing the Kuber in the North facing South direction.This will ensure growth in your chosen career and success in business 

Placement : Place on a Table or Self 

Planet : Mercury

Lion : Makes you Powerful and Majestic

By placing a brass Lion in the North-North-East Vastu zone of your home, the immediate change that your dear ones will notice is the  empowering of your personality and your presence becoming more gracious and powerful.

Placement : Place on the Floor  

Planet : Jupiter

Love Birds : Helps to experience true love

Place Love Birds in South West of your house to Increase coordination and generates deep, consistent love. 

Love Birds helps to strengthen the love and bonding between two friends, lovers or between a husband and wife. 

Placement : Place on the Floor or Table  

Planet : Mercury & Venus 

Nandi Bull : Secures Your Business

Place Nandi Bull in South West of your house/workplace for stability and to protects a business against any unforeseen calamity or danger, and promotes trust and loyalty. 

Placement : Place on the Floor or Table  

Planet : Saturn

Pair of White Horse  : Ensures smooth banking and support

Place Pair of White Horses in the North-West, you can ensure that Banks and other financial institutions will sanction your loans and meet your other financial requirements, as well. 

Placement : Place on the Floor

Planet : Moon

Pair of Red Horse : Quick flow of money

Place Pair of Red Horses in South, it enable you to optimise the efforts that you put into any work. This effort is then converted into money and recognition. 

Placement : Place on the Floor or Table  

Planet : Mars and Moon

SuryaDev : Grands Regal Power

Surya Dev or the Sun represents the governing or ruling power. The Sun is also responsible for developing relationships with influential people. 

It helps you to use your wisdom and skills to build relations that spread your glory and name and fame all around. 

Placement: Hang on the wall at a height of 7 feet from the floor 

Planet: Sun

Ashoka Pillar : Handle Government Departments Effectively 

An Ashoka Pillar mainly yields exceptional results in areas such as – government favours, promotions and recognition. 

Placement: On the Table 

Planet: Sun

Indra Dev : Grands Organised System

A IndraDev in East, Makes the organisational energies more effective and helps make the required connections.

Placement : On the Table 

Planet : Sun

Brass Deer : Gives speed and agility

Place Brass Deer in West-North-West (WNW), It fills you with youthful energy removing stress or lethargy 

Placement : Place on the Floor or Table  

Planet : Mars