Space Mantra Technique

Space Mantra Technique-Talk to Yourself!

How does one actually talk to the space that surrounds us? To help you establish a communication link between you and the space in which you live, we have designed the ‘Space Mantra Technique’.

This technique makes use of ‘Visual Text Commands’ to facilitate communication between the conscious mind (physical space) and the subconscious mind (inner space) of occupants of the space. This communication helps in drawing their attention towards their goals, thereby motivating them for a specific (skilled) performance. When the occupants see the visual command repeatedly, that command is slowly but firmly etched in their subconscious and gets manifested in their actions and performance. Depending on the purpose of the command, we must select the appropriate Vastu zone to put it (on wall or on a table where it is easily visible).

The Space Mantra Technique can be used with maximum benefits in another form: Decide upon the goal you want to achieve. Now write this goal of yours on a paper. Always write sentences in present tense. Write it exactly the way you wish it to be.

For example, if you want to be rich, write ‘I am rich’ and put it in your bedroom where you can see it the moment you awake or go to sleep, and soon you will start noticing the change. In less than 15 days you start getting results.

If you want family harmony, write ‘love’ and paste the related photographs (make a collage) and put it in the SW zone.

In a commercial organisation (office space) commands related to growth can be put in the Eastern zone.

To motivate your workers, put motivational commands in the SE zone.

Similarly, in a factory, to improve the quality of the product, quality-related quotes can be put in the zone of quality.

In the same manner, in a school, quotes related to wisdom and character could be put in the North-East zone.

Those related to discipline could be put in the WSW zone to ensure better development of students.