A Myth-‘Square Plots are Auspicious’

It is widely held that square plots are ideal to make a home in. It is a myth.

Many people delay construction of their house, because they are in search of a square plot. In practice, we have found square plots only in villages, where there is relatively plenty of land and you can make a square plot. However, in well developed and organised urban infrastructure, most of the plots you find are rectangular plots.

This myth has no relevance as people living in perfectly square plots have never grown well. Vastu experts worked on the reason why people in square plots did not do too well. In the detailed study of the effect of space on human consciousness, the Vastu team has found that ‘any perfect space symbolises death; imperfection causes the world to exist’.

As per Hindu mythology the Earth is carried by Shesh Naag (a symbolic serpent). This symbolic representation depicts that the survival and evolution of life is on the ‘residue’ (Shesh) and the ‘serpent energy’ (Naag). Further, when we decode the symbolism, this serpent energy is also inside the human body in the form of kundalini, which pushes the residues (the seed and ovum) to create life on the planet.

Life is created out of desires to achieve the Anandmaya Kasha. Those who took their consciousness to a different state of completion lost interest in creating more life.

So, as per Vastu, only meditation centres and religious practices are recommended in perfect square-shaped buildings-not homes and businesses. So, it is always better to have rectangular plots fulfil your purpose on this planet.