Mahavastu Consultant in Indonesia

Acharya Taruna Sharma is a MahaVastu certified Acharya and Consultant with almost 10 years of experience in creating harmonious living and working spaces using MahaVastu principles. She has been practicing since 2015 and provides consultation on various Vedic sciences, including MahaVastu, Vedic Astrology, Astro MahaVastu and Devtas

Her expertise lies in analyzing and assessing the energy flow in buildings and interior spaces, and recommending design and layout changes to optimize the flow of positive energy. By implementing MahaVastu principles in homes and workplaces, She helps his clients achieve success in their personal and professional lives. 

Acharya Taruna Sharma is dedicated to spreading the knowledge of Vedic sciences and their benefits to people around the world. She believes that a harmonious living and working environment is essential for a successful and fulfilling life, and her mission is to help people achieve that through MahaVastu, Vedic Astrology, Astro MahaVastu and Devtas.

Vastu Consultation Process:

Step 1. Intro

The first step will be information about the consultation/project to be done. This will be about the size of the premises, location, number of floors, etc. We provide our quote for the Vastu consultant process based on the above information. You can select any convenient Vastu service from our On-site consultation as well as E-Mail consultation. We also provide online services by Skype as well as WhatsApp applications.

Step 2. Floor Plan as well as Data

We need a Floor plan (accurate or hand sketch) as well as complete data of the premises and the occupant to proceed for the next step. In case of consultation via email, we ask for details about the surrounding of the site. This will be a road, river, mountain, electric poles, trees, t-junctions, religious place, etc.

Step 3. Compass reading as well as measurement

A most important part of Vastu analysis is taking an accurate compass reading and determining in which direction your main entrance is facing. This is one of the most important factors while making a Vastu layout for the house or office. Without an accurate compass reading, Vastu analysis would be guesswork. We verify the measurement provided on the map with the physical verification to have a very precise reading.

Step 4. Detailed analysis and evaluation

Our detailed analysis and evaluation will be based on the application of 21 Vastu Energy Efficient Techniques developed by a team of Vastuplus. These methods are very simple, easy to implement, and highly result-oriented. We use analytical tools like Bar Charts, Vastu Grids & Vastu Grading table.

Step 5. Vastu Evaluation Report

vastu-kolhapurYou will receive a written evaluation report including recommendations for implementation. Generally, a complete analysis and consultation report takes approximately 3 to 4 days for on-site as well as long-distance consultation.

Step 6. Follow up the option to monitor the implementation

We provide a follow-up option that monitors the effectiveness of the Vastu implementation.

Vastu Consultation Process Fees

Consultancy fees paid for Vastu is much more rewarding and gives you real long-lasting effects. We advise you on physical environment structuring, re-design & new alignments. It makes the things better so that your life and lives of your staff or family works with full spirit, enthusiasm. So, you will wonder – why you haven’t had a Vastu consultation before.

We are based in Jakarta, so, if you are located other than the above area or live overseas, the consultation will include traveling & accommodation expenses (in case of site visit) on an actual basis.

To get the quotation for our services, provide the following information

Contact for Vastu quotation

We will get back to you usually within 24 hours.